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iHORN cooperates with Tuya to launch the New T3 series of IoT sensor


      On December 10th, iHORN & Tuya Smart “Ingenious Sensing • Perception of IoT” T3 series new product press conference was held in Shenzhen, officially launching the IoT Sensor Kit T3 Series which includes 8 new products. Domestic famous real estate companies, device manufacturing suppliers, industry customers and major media were invited to attend this grand gathering. According to the introduction, the T3 series has undergone a new iteration, showing obvious advantages in appearance design, internal architecture, energy consumption, communication mode and other aspects. The sensor quality has been improved in all aspects, which can play a better linkage role and let users experience a more intelligent home life.


T3 series upgrades intelligent experience through combining ultra-low power consumption and high performance

With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, IoT and other technologies, the global sensor industry shows new developing trends. With the continuous expansion of application, Sensors, as the underlying core component of IoT, have become more popular among ordinary home users. Nevertheless, the less-designed appearance, unsatisfactory connection experience and poor performance of the sensing products have long become the complaints of the end users.

In order to solve the above problems, iHORN has been devoted to researching and developing to comprehensively improve the performance of the product,and launched T3 series in 2019. Different from previous ones, iHORN released 8 new products in this launch event, including PIR motion sensor, smoke sensor, door & window sensor, gas leakage sensor, multi-functional gateway, temperature & humidity sensor, water sensor, and scenario button.


     At the opening of the conference, Sunny Zhao, the Executive Deputy General Manager of iHORN, introduced the new kit in detail. The T3 PIR motion sensor adopts the new generation Fresnel lens independently developed by iHORN, which increases the defense area density by 3.4 times,and applies four-element infrared pyroelectric sensor array to improve the detection accuracy and solve the obvious defect of traditional lens in blind areas. In terms of power consumption, the zigbee application layer adopts a fragmented sleep mechanism. Under the condition of ensuring user experience and product interaction, wireless communication power consumption is reduced by more than 60%, and battery life is extended by more than 50%. The installation method has also been upgraded. Owing to the design of the suction base, the detection direction can be adjusted freely without damaging the home environment,and is very convenient for the elderly and children to use.



At the event, multiple products such as multi-function gateway, smoke sensor, door & window sensor, gas leakage sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, water sensor, and scenario button were released one after another. Sunny claimed, "Exquisite and compact, it is a highly refined description of the T3 series; high quality is the product attitude that iHORN has always adhered to. ‘To make people’s lives safer, more comfortable and harmonious by providing high quality products and services’ is the company mission of iHORN, and the launch of T3 series is the new practice and innovation of that mission. With the T3 series coming out, the iHORN production line will be more complete and will fully satisfy the demand on personalization, diversification and customization of IoT sensing products from Chinese consumers."


Equipped with Tuya Smart platform, T3 series attracted users’ attention


Earlier, the T1 and T2 series have gained good market reputation.  As a unicorn company in the AIoT field, Tuya Smart has empowered more than 90,000 products by the end of October, 2019, and the number of empowered products has reached 500. iHORN has been ranked as one of the “Top 10  National Security Brands in China” for 16 years and won the " top 10 influential brands of China's security " for many years. Two outstanding companies in the Internet of Things jointly released new products, which made the T3 series attract market attention.




Sun Xintao, vice president of Tuya Smart suggests that “the new products of iHORN T3 series are not only well-designed with smooth lines, but also show upgrade on product functions and system. It is a set of products with both aesthetic appearance and sense of technology. This allows us to see the rapid development and iteration of IoT sensors. The new launch of the T3 series represents not only the development of technology, but also an accelerator that promotes the application of smart homes, smart hotels, and smart elderly care applications, and the corresponding changes in the entire market."

       In referring why the event was jointly held with Tuya Smart, Wu Zhiming, General Manager of iHORN, said that the exciting changes in the development of the IoT are the Internet of everything and human-computer interaction. The new product launch conference can show the new creative achievements of iHORN, and we can build an ecosystem together with the partners in the whole industry chain. The "good system + good product" can give users a better intelligent interactive experience. In the next few years, iHORN will actively explore more possibilities of scenario application and provide differentiated solutions according to customer needs to make product interactions more intelligent and simple.