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Core Values: Hard working, constant innovation, precision and practice, pursuit to accuracy.


Hard working

1) Be enthusiastic every day with a firm belief to win; 2) Be hard-working and persistent, know how to pay and be grateful; 3) Create values for ourselves, the enterprise and the society through unremitting efforts.


Constant innovation

1) Bravely make a hypothesis and carefully test the hypothesis, dare to try and be deliberative and practicing; 2) Have a bold and innovative spirit in product design, development and management; 3) Seek better solutions to achieve better results for everything; 4) Learn from others to improve ourselves and be better than others.


Precision and practice

1) Standard operation and specialized implementation to be precise and in place; 2) Thorough Execution to take it to the hole and complete once; 3) Assessing the results for seeking improvement and continuous enhancement; 4) Based on facts and data, taking the results as a benchmark.


Pursuing Excellence

1) Have lofty ideals, to pursue excellence for every details; 2) Make high standards and strict requirements on ourselves; 3) Make self-review to improve the shortcomings and get enhancement; 4) Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism; 5) Keep passion and courage to go beyond the difficulties.


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    To become a world-class respected enterprise

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    Enterprise Mission

    To make the world more secure and harmonious

    with high-quality products and services!

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    Dedicate to business with the spirit of hard work

    and behave with a grateful heart.

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    Long-term Goal

    Let our company become the world's most

    professional company of security products.

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    Core Strategy (Hedgehog Concept)

    Always put high-quality, innovative design,

    one-time success, steady improvement and

    teamwork in the first place.