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iHORN Introduced Pro Series at the Special Event


With the theme of "Ingenious Sensing, New Security Era", the launch of iHORN Pro products was held in ShenZhen.


New Hardcore Performance, Bringing Safety to the new heights 

High-stability PIR Motion Detector Pro is equipped with a new generation of Fresnel lens, which features one-step detection technology, white light resistance, environmental self-adaptive capabilities and unique concealment functions to accurately identify human movement and effectively avoid false alarms.

New Appearance, Easier to Blend in Household Environment

In order to better match the modern home decoration style, the Pro series have been upgraded in terms of the physical appearance,making it much simpler and more unique.

Efficiency Driven”Installation Experience, Reflecting Professionalism

The Pro version of the PIR motion detector series adopts No-Opening-housing plug-in design.

Indoor Curtain PIR Motion Detector LH-912D Pro

On sale: Q1 2022


Indoor Wide-Angle Curtain PIR Motion Detector LH-901B Pro

On sale: Q1 2022

901B Pro.jpg

Indoor Triple Ceiling PIR Detector LH-913C Pro

On sale: Q1 2022

913C Pro正面.jpg

Indoor Wide Angle PIR Detector LH-905A Pro

On sale: Q1 2022


Since 1995,pursuing to be one of the best providers of security alarm products and solutions in the world, iHORN is and will always be committed to “Make the World Safer, More Comfortable and Harmonious with High Quality Products and Services.”