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Wu Zhiming, Who Embeds Innovation and Craftsmanship to the “Bone” of iHORN


In the past 40 years, Shenzhen security industry witnessed numerous brilliant success, driving the development of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Circum-Bohai-Sea and even the security industry development of the whole country, which also enabled Shenzhen to win the reputation —— Security Capital of the Globe

As an industry developed along with the Reform and Opening-up, Shenzhen security industry has made remarkable achievements, which are inseparable from the diligent work of every “Securerin Shenzhen, who watered this industrial hotbed with their passion and craftsmanship. Wu Zhiming, General Manager of iHORN, is one of them.


Wu Zhiming, General Manager of iHORN


Wu Zhiming, one of the representative figures of the security industry in Shenzhen who has been in the business for twenty years. He not only witnessed the brilliance and development of Shenzhen security industry all along, but also led and promoted the development of domestic security alarm and smart sensing industry. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the reporter interviewed Mr. Wu.

In 2000, by chance, Wu joined LongHorn. Like most “Securer”, he didnt  know much about security industry. At that time, the company was mainly engaged in the automotive electronics industry. As a result of his joining, LongHorn extended its business tentacles to the security alarm industry and started a new journey of diversification from there.

In the security industry in 2000, the security alarm market was basically monopolized by well-known foreign brands from Japan, America and Israel, and almost all products sold and used in the market were imported.

After a comprehensive analysis of the domestic and international security alarm market, LongHorn decided to enter in full. Under Wu's leadership, the company set up an R&D center with over 20 researchers to focus on the development of new products for security detectors.

Wu is a persistent, down-to-earth and serious person. Under his leadership, the R&D staff finally mastered and developed their own products through careful research of foreign products. As soon as iHORN security alarm products were launched, they attracted great attention in the industry.

At the Shenzhen Security Expo in 2003, iHORN security alarm products became a scenery among the internationally renowned brands of security alarm products, which lighted up the eyes of the audience and consumers, and attracted great attention from foreign counterparts and media, which also ignited the dream of domestic security manufacturers to vitalize the national brands. This reinforced Wu's determination and confidence to promote the national security industry. From that year onwards, almost every step taken by iHORN in market has received the attention of the whole industry. 



Over the years, iHORN has been pursuing the spirit of craftsmanship. Wu believes that craftsmanship can be interpreted as focus, professionalism, responsibility and attitude.

He has been striving to promote the national security alarm brands standing among the world's famous security alarm brands and make iHORN a benchmark enterprise in the security alarm industry. And it has also become the goal of "iHORNers".



iHORN attaches great importance to the innovation and breakthrough of core technology. At present, there is a R&D team of more than 100 engineers and the company invests more than 10% of its annual turnover in R&D for pre-research, research and tracking of new technologies and products, and maintains long-term cooperation with advanced research institutions at home and abroad.

Its products have been certified by CCC, EN, CE, FCC, UL, TUV, SGS and many other authoritative professional certifications in domestic and international markets. For 16 consecutive years, iHORN has been awarded as one of the "Top 10 National Brands of China Security" and "Top 10 Most Influential Brands of China Security".


In the past few years, the competitive environment and industry ecology of the security market has changed a lot. In the face of the new technology and market environment, iHORN has kept pace with the times, relying on its security alarm advantages to make a full-scale foray into the field of IoT sensing.

The Internet of Things brings us a society where everything is connected. The development of IoT is inseparable from the platform, as well as the intermediate connection layer and sensing layer hardware.

At present, domestic IoT smart home platform providers take Huawei Smart Choice, Tmall Genie, Xiaomi Mijia and Doodle Smart as the mainstream of the four major platform providers. In order to enhance the core competitiveness of the platform, vendors are filtering partners. As a hardware manufacturer, the only way to achieve a win-win situation is to access their platform with the best products.

Facing the explosion of the smart home market, iHORN, like many companies, expects to seize the opportunity and grow bigger and stronger. After a serious analysis of the market and industry ecological development trend, Wu firmly believes that the establishment of the IoT ecology requires the joint collaboration of all manufacturers in the industry chain, with some building platform and some developing hardware. The advantage of iHORN is sensing, which is the R&D, production and innovation of hardware products.

Under the given circumstances, the first thing that iHORN did was to rely on the 25-year sensor technology development, focusing on hardware, and launching two categories of sensors, security and environment, including body movement, door and window opening and closing, temperature and humidity, flooding, smoke, gas leakage and other kinds of complete IoT sensors, to provide solutions for the IoT ecosystem in the sensing respect.


Huawei Ecology Product - iHORN Smart Home Kit


The second thing is to focus on cooperation with major domestic platform manufacturers. Up to now, iHORN has reached strategic cooperation with well-known group companies such as Huawei, Jingdong, Haier, Vanke and more than 100 smart home enterprises.

In 2018, iHORN cooperated with Huawei to launch Huawei HiLink Ecology products. And in 2019, it joined hands with Tuya Smart to launch T3 series of IoT sensors, which won the "2020 Red Dot Award for design works". iHORN always puts high quality and innovative design in the first place, producing high quality products with craftsmanship and achieving IoT sensors all-the-way customization service capability.

In order to develop brand new products with higher quality, Wu embeds innovation and craftsmanship to the bone of iHORN. Along with all the researchers and developers in the company, they are indulged in the world of products. Wus office has almost been turned into a R&D center, due to the cluttered products both from iHORN and other companys in the room.

With all the efforts spared in pursuing perfection, and through dedicated research and repeated trials, iHORN's R&D engineers have finally achieved a major breakthrough. Since last year, iHORN has released a series of products such as the IoT sensor T3, which had almost reached the point of perfection and is favoured by platform manufacturers and affirmed by users.



To take T3 series as an example, it is a masterpiece of iHORN's craftsmanship. There are 8 new products in the T3 series, including multi-function gateway, PIR motion sensor, smoke sensor, door and window sensor, gas leakage sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, water sensor and scenario button. In terms of performance, the PIR motion sensor is equipped with a new generation of Fresnel lens, which increases the density of the security zone by 3.4 times, and applies a quadratic infrared pyro-electric sensor array, which provides more accurate detection and solves the obvious defect of the traditional lens with a blind spot; in terms of power consumption, the Zigbee application adopts a fragmented hibernation mechanism, which reduces the power consumption of wireless communication by more than 60% while ensuring user experience and product interconnection and extends the battery life by more than 50%. On the installation method, it has also been upgraded. The magnetic base design, the adjustable detection direction, without damaging the home decoration, it is also friendly and convenient for the elderly and children to use.



iHORN IoT Sensing T3 Series


The T3 series breaks the industry bottleneck of unattractive appearance, poor smart connection experience and unsatisfactory sensing performance of IoT sensor products. Whether it is the appearance design or internal architecture, energy consumption, communication methods, etc., it has overturned our impression and perception of traditional security alarm and smart sensing products.

Recently, iHORN held a new launch of iHORN Security Pro series in Shenzhen with the theme of "Ingenious Work - Security New Era". This new product launch event revealed five new Pro series products, including home combustible gas detector, infrared detector series, panic button and other security alarm products. After more than 10 times of programme optimization and design, over 500 times of field data sampling and analysis, and over 100 times of data modelling and verification, iHORN's R&D engineers have formed sophisticated algorithms and data processing mechanisms to make the Pro series new products fully updated and iterated in terms of software algorithms, core components, internal structure, appearance design, installation methods and other performance aspects. Unique is the overall high summary of this series of new products, excellent performance, simple appearance, efficient installation is the new pursuit of the new series of iHORN.


iHORN Security Pro Series New Products

Wu Zhiming said in an interview that no matter how the industry develops or how the market changes, it is their firm belief to concentrate their minds, make the best products and bring real value to the users.

Shenzhen is the capital of technology and innovation, as a part of that, iHORN will live up to its mission, diligently pursue and lead in innovation, make the best products, embed the spirit of craftsmanship into the bone of the enterprise, and pass on, promote and sublimate this spirit from generation to generation, so as to produce better products for consumers and do its best to promote the development of security alarm and smart sensing industry.