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iHORN joins hands with Tuya smart to lead IoT sensor intelligence


  On September 24, the signing ceremony of cooperation between iHORN and Tuya was held in the Hilton Foshan Hotel.


 The Cooperation Signing Site

  Wu Zhiming, General Manager of iHORN, Chen liaohan, Chairman and President of Tuya ,  Sunny Zhao , Executive Deputy General Manager of iHORN, and sun Xintao, Vice president of Tuya , attended the signing ceremony.

  iHORN was founded in 1995, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Its products cover two product lines of IoT sensors and security ptoducts, which are widely used in smart buildings, smart residential areas, smart home, finance, communication and other fields, and cover hundreds of millions of people in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, bringing users a safer, healthier and more convenient life.

  Since its establishment, it has been has been recognized both inside and outside the industry. It has been honored as " China's Top 10 National Security brands " for 15 consecutive years and " China's Top 10 most influential Security Brands " for many years.

  The smart home field is in the ascendant. In 2014, it ushered in the turning point of the industry, and a large number of international famous enterprises began to lay out the smart home market. At the same time, the consumer group also has higher and higher requirements on the quality of smart home products. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition and increasingly mature consumer groups,  iHORN  not only increases investment in product innovation design, but also establishes more extensive and in-depth cooperation with the IoT platform to integrate into the industrial ecological system, in order to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness.

As a global AI+IoT platform, Tuya Smart is also the world's top voice AI interactive platform. It provides customers with one-stop AI solutions for the IoT by connecting the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains.

  The cooperation between iHORN and Tuya Smart is mainly focused on smart home perception and connectivity. With the help of the Tuya Smart ecosystem, iHORN will endow the sensor series with intelligent capability, realize the intelligent connection from the cloud to the mobile terminal, and form the closed loop of the smart home application system. 

  Wu Zhiming, General Manager of iHORN, said, "Based on the extensive ecological layout of Tuya Smart Platform, industry-leading system integration service capabilities and cloud architecture solutions, more products and projects of iHORN will be intelligently implemented and gain more attention."


  Wu Zhiming, General Manager of iHORN

  "Cooperation means a win-win situation. The technology accumulation of iHORN in the sensor field combined with the underlying technical support of the Tuya Smart Platform IoTOS level can form a powerful combination of'good system + excellent product', which will be more practical for consumers Experience a convenient and comfortable smart home life.” said Chen Liaohan, Chairman and President of Tuya Smart.


  Chen liaohan, Chairman and President of Tuya

  In addition, based on the underlying technical support of the platform's IoTOS level and the rich "PoweredbyTuya" smart products, Tuya Smart will also help iHORN to realize intelligent solutions such as technology real estate, smart towns, smart life, and smart communities worldwide.

  PoweredbyTuya is an intelligent interconnection logo, through this logo, smart devices of different brands and categories can be controlled with the same App. The meaning of "PoweredbyTuya" is to integrate smart suits including multi-brand products to provide users with with rich choices and the best matching.  

  More than 30,000 "PoweredbyTuya" smart products, as well as the fast and intelligent Tuya Smart IoTOS platform from 0 to 1, will strongly help iHORN to get a head start in the intelligent transformation of the sensor industry . In the face of the consumer market that is about to explode in the smart home industry, Tuya Smart will help Horne Security technology continue to make efforts in smart home perception layer and IoT connection technology, and consolidate and enhance the influence of iHORN in the industry.