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2022 Winter Paralympic Games


The Winter Olympic Games came to a successful conclusion and the Winter Paralympic Games will soon be on the scene.

On the evening of March 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games will be held in the National Stadium. It is reported that the five competition venues of the Winter Paralympic Games all follow the existing venues of the Winter Olympic Games, dedicated to create a "simple, safe and wonderful" Olympic event!


In order to help the safety and security of the places related to Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co., Ltd. (iHORN) has provided smart building alarm solutions for Yanqing, Shougang competition area and Beijing University of Technology Winter Olympic Games volunteer accommodation building, and has deployed and accessed many security devices such as alarm host, electric fence, panic button, PIR motion detector, sound and light alarm siren to provide a safe and secure environment for athletes and volunteers from all countries.


iHORN Smart Building Alarm Solution mainly focuses on the situation that the Winter Olympic Games site has a high density of people, strong mobility, complex environment, etc. Through the bus system network alarm system LHB9000Pro unified management of front-end detectors, once there is an abnormality, it can be alarmed by phone, SMS, APP and on-site, to further improve the safety prevention and security work during the Paralympic Games.

On March 5th, all events will be contested one after another! We look forward to seeing athletes to demonstrate the Paralympic values of "courage, determination, inspiration and equality" on the field, and write a touching chapter of defying difficulties, striving and surpassing themselves, together to the future.