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iHORN won the honor of "2019 Forbes China AIOT Top 100 Enterprises"


  The "2019 Global Intelligent Business Summit Autumn Venue" was held at Shangri-La Hotel, Futian, Shenzhen on October 23. With the theme of "Reconstruction: Ecology, Intellectual Change and Openness", it is co-hosted by Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Business Alliance, New Fortune, Global Intelligent Business and Tuya Intelligence. The global AIoT industry elites gather together to share the latest intelligent business trends.



   Sunny Zhao, the Executive Deputy General Manager of iHORN, attended and delivered the keynote speech of "smart sensor made by ingenuity", explaining the core technology of smart sensor and building the perception layer of smart home. Forbes China announced the list of "top 100 AIoT enterprises in China in 2019" on the spot, and iHORN won it.

  Made with ingenuity ,Innovation leads the IoT home safety

  2019 is the first year of both 5G and artificial intelligence (AI). Part of the AI application technology is rapidly mature and has entered the practical stage. AI technologies represented by speech recognition and machine vision are rapidly maturing and reaching the practical level. Smart home has become the most important keyword in the home appliance circle in 2019. From home appliance enterprises to Internet enterprises, they have seized the entrance and turned from product brands to ecological brands.



  Smart home, not only need "brain" also need "eye, nose, ear", and the sensor is the "eye, nose, ear" of smart home. The most important part of the IoT is to use sensors to obtain information of objects and realize comprehensive perception. At the summit,  Sunny Zhao, the Executive Deputy General Manager of iHORN, attended and delivered the keynote speech of "smart sensor made by ingenuity", covering the core technology of iHORN sensors, Fresnel lens technology, intelligent pet prevention technology, smoke maze technology, etc,were explained, so that the smart home be truly realized through sensors, improve the application experience of the scenes, and let users enjoy the efficiency and convenience of smart home.

  iHORN has been deeply engaged in the security industry for many years. Following the development trend of the IoT, adhering to the corporate values of "hard work, constant innovation, precision and practicality, and pursuit of excellence", iHORN devotes itself to research and makes sensors with mission of ensuring the safety of users. It has actively explored the the innovation and upgrading of IoT, and has been developed and launched multi-functional gateway, smoke sensor, gas leakage sensor, the motion sensor, door and window sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, water sensor, scene button and many other favorites by users. Smart single products and home sets are also available for sale on, and Huawei shopping malls.

  Return with honor of "2019 Forbes China's Top 100 AIoT Companies "

  The selection of the top 100 AIoT companies was jointly initiated by Forbes China and Tuya Smart. According to the principles of f fair, open, professional and strict selection, the selection was carried out in four categories: smart home, smart life, smart scene, and international smart brands, so as to establish an authoritative smart home brand for the industry.



  On the spot, Fan luxian, the chief China consultant of Forbes Global Media Holding Co., Ltd. and chief editor of Forbes China, announced the selection results of "2019 Forbes China's Top 100 AIoT Companies ". As a professional IoT sensor designer and manufacturer, iHORN has won the honor of "2019 Forbes China's Top 100 AIoT Companies " with its strong R & D and manufacturing strength. In the future, iHORN will continue to adhere to the spirit of ingenuity, make excellent sensors intelligently, and provide more diversified new ways to play smart home. In combination with ecological brands, we will jointly promote the construction and popularization of smart home, so that global users can enjoy high-quality smart home life!