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iHORN Smart Home Sensor T3 series won the "2022 Alighting Award - Smart Ecology Award"


On August 4, iHORN IoT sensor T3 series won the "2022 Alighting Award - Smart Ecology Award"

Previously, T3 has also won the German Red Dot Design Award. It is a set of products with both value and technology, quality and performance.


Alighting Award, known as the "Oscars" of the lighting industry. This year for the first time from the lighting section, it is expanded to the smart ecological section.

Aiming to help technological innovation and promote digital transformation, it attracted a lot of smart home enterprises to pay attention to and actively participate in the evaluation.


The T3 series can stand out and be recognized by the industry, thanks to its appearance, performance and other advantages. The pure white appearance of simplification is suitable for modern home decoration style. Excellent detection capability, raising security to a new level, iHORN is dedicated to providing a smarter and safer home life for its customer.