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iHORN Exhibits New Product at CPSE 2021


On 26th, December, the 18th Security Expo, the "World's No.1 Security Exhibition", which was postponed due to the pandemic, returned to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. In this exhibition, iHORN not only brought its latest solutions, products and technologies to make a "hardcore" appearance at booth 2C21, but also held a special "'Cloud' Watching Security Expo" live event! The show was held online, leading everyone to "cloud" view the exhibition!


As a professional security alarm product and solutions provider, this year's Security Expo, iHORN elaborately designed four exhibition areas of "Security Alarm, NB-IoT Smart Fire, IOT Sensor, Innovative Technology", which attracted many visitors and buyers to visit and consult.


Two major security alarm solutions

All-round, integrated security protection

Security alarm has always been the main business of iHORN. At this year's Security Expo, iHORN launched two major solutions, namely smart building alarm and perimeter alarm alarm, as well as a series of new products to achieve comprehensive and integrated security protection for perimeter perimeter, public area and indoor space.


On-site customer consultation for intelligent building solutions

iHORN LHB9000Pro smart building alarm solution is the biggest highlight of the exhibition, the solution adopts iHORN's new product launched this year - bus type network alarm host LHB9000Pro, which uses both network and bus wiring methods, with the construction more flexible, and at the same time complies with GB12663-2019 new national standard level 3 standard, it can provide strong security protection for smart buildings.


Bus-based Network Host LHB9000Pro

The perimeter alarm solution promoted by iHORN this time also attracts the attention of many users. The solution adopts the most widely used new network electric fence host of iHORN, with a new appearance structure design, equipped with a large screen display, making the interaction more concise, and can be a separate system, or can form a three-dimensional protection system with video and integrated alarm management system.


iHORN Electric Fence


 iHORN consultant explains the smart pulse electric fence system to customers on site

Enter the NB-IoT smart firefighting market

Bridging the last 1cm of smart fire prevention

At present, the NB-IoT smart fire market is developing rapidly and iHORN promotes technological innovation, releasing a new NB-IoT smart fire solution at the exhibition.


NB-IoT Smart Fire Solution

The solution makes full use of 5G, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to build a network of intelligent fire prevention and control consisting of monitoring service centers, cloud platforms, mobile applications, intelligent devices, etc., so that fire hazards are nowhere to be seen and the last centimetre of intelligent fire fighting is opened.


NB solution attracts customers at the exhibition

In-depth layout of the IoT sensing market

Building new security for smart home industry

Since 2004, iHORN has been deeply involved in the IoT sensor market and has launched more than dozens of IoT sensors one after another. In this exhibition, in the "IoT sensor" section, the smart home sensor solution, which is based on Silicon Labs solution, is also grandly presented, with easy installation, fast network distribution, communication guarantee, outstanding value and meets the application of smart home in multiple scenarios.


iHORN Smart Home Sensors

The Huawei Hilink & iHORN Smart Home Kit (T2 series) and the Tuya Eco IoT Sensor Kit (T3 series) also attracted many exhibitors. The T2 and T3 series rely on the Huawei and Tuya platforms and are dedicated to building a more convenient, comfortable and safe smart home life for people.

All about technological innovation

iHORN's human presence detector triggers discussion

The millimetre wave radar technology products have become a hot topic at the event. In the "Innovative Technology" section, the LH-902C ZB, a human presence sensor with a built-in 60GHz millimetre wave radar chip, made its public debut. It adopts the dual detection method of millimetre wave radar + infrared, the human body sensing range is about 7m in diameter, the sensing angle is 70°, the detection accuracy reaches 99%, achieving the real human presence detection.


Human Presence Detector LH-902C ZB

At the same time, iHORN also showed innovative technology modules such as ZigBee module, Bluetooth module, microwave module, millimetre wave module, Fresnel lens, photoelectric maze, etc. These technologies are the true embodiment of iHORN's craftsmanship spirit, which triggered hot discussions among the audience.

Winner of three industry awards 

Demonstrating brand cohesion with strength

It is worth mentioning that at the Security Expo, iHORN won three industry awards, namely "Top 10 Influential Brands in China Security in 2021", "Excellent Solutions in Smart Security" and "Innovative Enterprise in China Security", proving the cohesiveness and innovation of its brand with its strength.


"Top 10 Influential Brands in China Security in 2021"


 "Excellent Solutions in Smart Security"


"Innovative Enterprise in China Security"

In the future, iHORN will continue to be rooted in detector technology and sensor technology to contribute to the development of the security industry.