Multi-function Gateway T3

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Multi-functional Gateway T3

Device connection center|64-channel sub-devices|APP remote control|Log management

Smart device connection center.

As control center of sensors, reports the information to cloud platform via WiFi, and connects the sub-devices via zigbee.

* A multi-functional gateway can connect up to 64 sub devices

Route-level SOC scheme.

Adopt routing-level SOC solution brings
more stable WiFi communication.

Stable operation in network disconnection

hrough the built-in IFTTT architecture, it implements local scene functions
and operates normally when the network is disconnected.
  • Similar market products,
    linkage is not supported in disconnection.

  • T3 multi-functional gateway,
    support linkage even in network disconnection.

Smart APP control.

Connect to smart home ecosystem, multi-function gateway can be set through mobile APP.
It can be equipped with smart devices to control multiple devices / instructions as required to
achieve custom settings for scenarios, functions, linkage.

One device, multiple functions.

Support multiple functions: home doorbell, night light, sound and light alarm.

User in-home mode: smart doorbell for guests to visit.

With the door and window sensors, family members come home or guests visit, the door and window sensors sense the door opening
and closing, and the multi-function gateway broadcasts the doorbell synchronously to know the family members or the guests coming in time
* It must be used with power adapter.

Lights up automatically when get up at night.

Multi-function gateway cooperate with PIR motion sensor and placed on the bedside, dressing table, etc. When it detects
human activity at night, it automatically lights up, so you don not need to grope in the dark when entering or leaving room.
* It must be used with power adapter.

User off-home mode:immediately alarm for illegal intrusion.

When someone illegally intrudes, the on-site alarm is triggered immediately and remotely remind user at the same time.
* It must be used with power adapter.

Sensing linkage to start smart home life.

Use APP to set up ecological products connection to achieve intelligent linkage in
all scenarios and bring users a safe and intelligent home life.

Installation and operation.

Just connect multi-function gateway to internet and power supply then could work.
  • product-viewImg15.png

    Download iHorn APP

  • 2.png

    pace at appropriate location and connect
    gateway to internet and power by adapter

  • product-viewImg17.png

    Open app,search device and
    follow guide to link device